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Responsible for the content of this website: 

Tell Papier AG, Fischhausenstrasse 6, 8722 Kaltbrunn SG, Switzerland



People who retrieve information on this website declare themselves to be in agreement with the following conditions.



Use of the website

Tell Papier AG makes every effort to ensure safe operation of the website. It is nevertheless impossible to rule out issues such as data loss or corruption, viruses or business interruption, etc. Users therefore visit the websites at their own risk and on their own responsibility.



Exclusion of liability

Tell Papier AG accepts no liability for damages or consequential damages that result from accessing a website and/or individual parts of a website (e.g. downloaded documents), its/their use (and/or from impossibility of such access or use) or from links to other websites. Exclusion of warranty. Tell Papier AG takes every care to ensure that the information on the website is correct and up-to-date at the time of publication and that it does not infringe any third-party rights (in particular, legal protection of personality). Nevertheless Tell Papier AG cannot make any warranty with regard to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the information.



Linked websites (links) and framing

This website contains some links to third-party websites. Tell Papier AG accepts no responsibility for their content, the products or services offered on them or any other offers, or for adherence to data protection regulations. Visitors to the website follow links on their own responsibility. There is also no entitlement to insertion of links or other HTML elements in forms on this site.




All of the content (text, graphics, images, etc.) of this website is protected by copyright and belongs exclusively and entirely to Tell Papier AG, unless specified otherwise. Reproducing, transferring (electronically or in any other way), changing all or parts of this website or using all or parts of this website for public or commercial purposes is not permitted with prior written permission.



Applicable law and jurisdictional venue

The courts at the headquarters of Tell Papier AG in Kaltbrunn SG, Switzerland, are exclusively competent for any disputes that result from visiting and/or using this website between you as a visitor and user of this website and Tell Papier AG. Only Swiss law is applicable.

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